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Who We Are


Mentor Sacco Society Limited was established in 1977. The evolution of financial market has seen Mentor Sacco grow to an all inclusive financial institution and rebrand to Mentor Sacco Society Limited in an effort to serve as a home to all.

With the changes experienced in the financial sector, more opportunities have come in handy providing a chance of being dynamic. The society’s by-laws were amended to accommodate membership from Civil Servants, Disciplined Forces, Local Authorities, NGO's, National and County Governments, Private Companies, Approved Entrepreneurs, Groups/Chamas and Other Institutions.

Our guiding principle of establishing dignity to our members by ensuring value to services and products we offer is enshrined in our corporate culture of innovativeness, flexibility and affordability.
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"To mobilise savings and provide credit to our members, by offering quality products and services at a competitive rate so as to enhance their economic and social growth."

Since its inception in 1977, Murang'a Teachers Savings & Credit Society Limited, which officially changed its name to Mentor Sacco Society Limited, has been proud of its ability to operate, as a Murang´a teachers´ community owned serving its communities with a variety of full-featured products, which include deposit, loans, and investment opportunities. We offer financial services to individuals, businesses, and commercial clients.

"To be the most innovative and reputable Sacco in Kenya and beyond."

By ensuring that we remain a financially viable, independent SACCO that is committed to improving the quality of life of the members and the communities we serve. We will create and maintain a professional environment that invites the ideas of our employees, fosters the confidence of our shareholders, and exceeds the expectations of our customers.

We will continuously innovate and implement sound policies which will benefit our customers, staff, shareholders and the communities we serve. It is with this determination and commitment to excellence that we will enable us to attain the success we seek at individual and at the society´s level. .

At the core of our operations, is a strong conviction to deliver for customers, clients, communities and shareholders through our integrated fundamental values:

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  • › Equality
  • › Innovation
  • › Equity
  • › Respect
  • › Professionalism
  • › Commitment
  • › Transparency and accountability

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Tailored around your financial needs and wants empowering you to make your financial lives better

Normal Loan a

Available to salaried Members
Loan Term 48 months

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Jijenge Loan b

Available to salaried Members
Loan Term 60- 72 months

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School Fees Loan c

Available to all SACCO Members
Loan Term 18 months

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Boresha Loan d

Available to members contributing to Mazao Fund Scheme.

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Emergency Loan e

Available to members with ability to repay from 2/3 of the pay

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Instant Loan f

Available to ALL SACCO Members
Loan Term 24 months

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Fosa Pride Loan g

Available to salaried members who channel their salaries through the FOSA

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Jambo Fosa Loan h

Available to salaried members who channel their salaries through the FOSA

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Imara Loan i

Available to salaried members who channel their salaries through Mentor Sacco

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Salary Advance j

For salaried members repayable within one year.

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Quickfix k

Only applied via phone
Loan Term 3 months

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Biashara Plus Loan l

For diversified salaried/business persons.
Loan Term 48 months

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Committed to Excellence, Committed to Members


Growing with you and Reaching Up!

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