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Mentor Sacco celebrates 40 years of service to Kenyans

There is no gainsaying that high and low income earners tend to spend all they have without ever sparing a thought for the future.

Like many other countries in the world, Kenya has had its fair share of successful entrepreneurs who now live a desolate life

after squandering their hard-earned earnings in these harsh economic timers.

Fortunately, there has been a marked proliferation of savings and credit co-operatives (Sacco’s) in Kenya which are steadfast

in ensuring that such entrepreneurs embrace the savings culture to be able to commit part of their earnings for future use.

One such entity which has increasingly continued its popularity in and far as recruiting members is Mentor Sacco Society Limited,

a financial institution that was established in 1977 as Murang’a Teachers’ Sacco to mobilize savings and provide credit to its members,

by offering quality products and services at a competitive rate so as to enhance their economic and social growth.

The craze to be part of the Sacco cannot be over-emphasized and prime amongst its many attributes is the vision to be the most

innovative and reputable Sacco in Kenya and beyond while offering financial help to its members at concessional rates unlike

mainstream banks.

It’s little wonder then that the Sacco is increasingly attracting clientele from the larger central province and is likely to break new

grounds outside the bordersto an all-inclusive financial institution.

This necessitated the Sacco to re-brand in 2013 for market positioning as a Sacco of choice for all.
The strategic move enabled Mentor Sacco to gain new market segments from women and youth welfare and enterprise groups,

farmers, farm and factory workers, NGO’s, central and county governments, private companies, business entrepreneurs, groups and

other institutions.

Mentor Sacco has gone a notch higher and is now offering savings products like Ordinary Savings Account, Fixed Deposit Account,

Joint Account, Mentor Junior Account, Holiday Account, Mazao Shares, Salary processing, FOSA Overdraft, Junior Savings and

Institutional Accounts among others.

Members of the Sacco also have the privilege to access loans at subsidized repayment periods and which attracts minimal interests.

Our services -> http://www.mentorsacco.co.ke/index.php/our-services

Members are also able to earn dividends from their investments at very attractive rates


Mentor Sacco’s meteoric rise has seen the institution achieve several accolades during its existence as it has been oscillating between

position one and two amongst the best urban Sacco at the county level, best managed teachers Sacco and an institution which offers

the best loan services to members in teachers Sacco’s at county and national levels.

What’s more, Mentor Sacco has been listed in the top three amongst the best managed co-operative Sacco’s in the country.

Mentor Sacco prides itself with wealth of highly qualified staff who are passion driven. Recruited from diversified business, banking,

and research qualification backgrounds, the team understands the nature of the members they deal with hence delivering quality services with integrity.

The Sacco, whose membership is growing in leaps and bounds, is open to general membership and is currently endowed with a

diversified membership in terms of age, professional, race and from all walks of the nation.

Curiously, the Sacco’s membership grew from 9167 in the year 2014 to 13471 in 2017 with its litany of branches including Murang’a,

Kenol town, Kiria-ini town, Ithanga, Kangari, Ngara in Nairobi and the newly opened branch in Thika town.

This year Mentor Sacco is celebrating 40 years of financial services and they are proud to unveil their newly built Multi storey complex

in Murang’a Town.

Mentor Sacco Society is enlisted with a reputable credit-referencing bureau (CRB) where it will be sharing credit information with other

financial institutions. This will largely minimize willful and deliberate default Service delivery.

To increase efficiency in service delivery and to provide more value to our members, the Sacco has installed Mentor cash application

where members can conveniently deposit, withdraw, transfer and buy airtime, pay utility bills using pay bill, paying for goods using till

numbers direct from their Sacco accounts. Soon the SACCO website will enable members to access their account statements and

compute their loan eligibility on-line.

Further, Sacco offers a mobile advance loan, dubbed Mentor Quick Fix, which is accessible through mentor cash application.

In the meantime, plans are also in advanced stage for Mentor Sacco to have its own agencies which are aimed at moving Sacco

products closer to its members.

To keep its members informed on its performance, products and services, Mentor Sacco conducts Members Information Days (MID’s)

with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) being the ultimate gathering of all members as well as stake holders.

Resolutions passed are then handed over to the management for implementation.

Customer satisfaction is Mentor Sacco’s ultimate goal with the institution always encouraging its members and non- members to feel

free and share with it compliments, complaints and any other feedback every time they visit the institution.

It’s the little things that count, becoming a Mentor Sacco Member is a first step towards financial freedom -> http://www.mentorsacco.co.ke/index.php/membership.