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Who We Are

A Modern Fast Growing Financial Institution in Kenya Offering Bespoke Financial Solutions

Mentor Sacco Society Limited was established in 1977. The evolution of financial market has seen Mentor Sacco grow to an all inclusive financial institution and rebrand to Mentor Sacco Society Limited in an effort to serve as a home to all.

With the changes experienced in the financial sector, more opportunities have come in handy providing a chance of being dynamic. The society’s by-laws were amended to accommodate membership from Civil Servants, Disciplined Forces, Local Authorities, NGO's, National and County Governments, Private Companies, Approved Entrepreneurs, Groups/Chamas and Other Institutions.

Our guiding principle of establishing dignity to our members by ensuring value to services and products we offer is enshrined in our corporate culture of innovativeness, flexibility and affordability.

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For close to four decades, Mentor Sacco has positioned itself as a customer centric and market led financial and allied services institution. We put a lot of emphasis in establishing specific member’s needs which in turn guide our search for solutions. We have always sought member’s advice on how well we can better improve their lifestyle. It is through this close relationship that we have created a strong emotional bond with our members and made them our strong evangelists in the market.

In line with our mission, we believe in our members’ achievement of financial independence and prosperity. It is in the same spirit that we have continued developing products and services that address our members’ dynamic needs.

Latest Accolades and Recognitions

At Mentor, we are recognized at offering the best Financial Solutions

What Drives Us

Empowering and Improving the Welfare of Our Members

To mobilise savings and provide credit to our members, by offering quality products and services at a competitive rate so as to enhance their economic and social growth
To be the most innovative and reputable Sacco in Kenya and beyond.
Adding value to Life
At the core of our operations, is a strong conviction to deliver for customers, clients, communities and shareholders through our integrated fundamental values:
  • Integrity
  • Equality
  • Equity
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Transparency and accountability

Deposit Taking Sacco

We are amongst the few recognized deposit taking Saccos in the country

Mentor Sacco limited is amongst the few recognized deposit taking Sacco’s in the country. We thrive on integrity, openness, accountability and sound financial advice to members, amongst other key integral management pillars.

To keep our members posted on the Sacco´s performance, products and financial status, we conduct Members Information Days (MID’s) with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) being the ultimate gathering of all members as well as stake holders.

Mentor Sacco prides itself with wealth of highly qualified staff who are passion driven. Recruited from diversified business, banking, and research qualification backgrounds, the team understands the nature of the members they deal with hence delivering quality services with integrity.

The Sacco is open to general membership and is currently endowed with a diversified membership in terms of age, professional, race and from all walks of the nation.


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Since Inception, the SACCO Has Witnessed Exponential Growth

Years of Experience
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Customer Service

Customer delight is our ultimate goal

At Mentor, Customer delight is our ultimate goal. We have always encouraged our members and non-members to feel free and share with us complements, complaints and any other feedback every time they visit us. We value your feedback.